Propranolol is a beta-blocker effective in the therapy of abnormal heart tempos and very high blood pressure. It could be also used to protect against migraine headaches and chest discomfort (angina). Your doctor really needs to know your complete health care history prior to he can suggest the drug, so the following conditions need to be stated before you obtain a prescribed: allergies to any drugs, kidney or liver condition, asthma, lung disease, diabetic issues, thyroid gland troubles or other problems you believe could somewhat interfere with the therapy. Drowsiness is among the side results you can experience when taking this medication. Drinking alcoholic beverages is not suggested as it could add to establishing drowsiness or make it even worse.

You could or may nor experience particular mild side results when you begin taking this medicine. It's impossible to predict how every person will certainly reply to the medicine so below are some of the most typical small side results that occasionally develop in people taking propranolol: diarrhea, rash, puking, lightheadedness, dizziness, excessive tiredness, upset stomach and problem sleeping. If your adverse effects start or persist to obstruct your regular life call your wellness care service provider to see if you need a dosage change.

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